Matthew Robb · Poetry · Poetry By Me

This Wounded Weary Soul dost Cry

“And if by prayer Incessant I could hope to change the will of Him who all things can change, I would not cease to weary Him with my assiduous cries.” – John Milton

This wounded weary soul dost cry,

to him who sits upon the throne,

As tears dost stream down this poor pilgrims face

He dare not lift his eyes but simply beats his breast,

“Lord, wouldst thou forgive a wretch like me and make this sinner whole?”

To his surprise, he hears footsteps now.

The Saviour coming down fromst the throne,

He lifts this poor pilgrims chin, wipes his tears and begins,

“My dear friend and brother, I forgive you of your sin,

See I love you my dear brother and rejoice to welcome you in.

Walk with me dear brother and you’ll never be the same,

See I was mocked and I was beaten to cover up your shame.

Not only is it covered, but I have washed it all away,

that I may adorn with pure whites robes,

dear brother, brightly shining as the light of day.

As the moon reflects the light of the sun,

you will reflect my beauty, God’s Beloved Son.

I have put my spirit inside of you, I have made you whole.

Now go out and shine brightly and bring the sinners home.

For you were once just like them, dead in your trespasses and sin, before I saved you by my grace.

So remember who you are, remember who you once have been.

Remember how you were dirty and how it is only I that could make you clean.

Do not forsake my teaching, do not forsake my ways,

For surely you will fall if you my trust betray.

Seek not the muck and mire you once loved.

Beloved brother, let not your heart stray.

Know that I am an ever present help in times of trouble,

For now and always!


Please take heart my dear brother, for I am coming soon!

Keep shining in this dark night, dear brother,

Shining as bright and beautiful as light of noon.

– Matthew Robb





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