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Come to the Wedding Feast


The King prepared a wedding feast for His beloved son,
He sent his servants out calling those invited to come,
Of those that were invited, those who came were none,
Many excuses they did make, listed here are some;

I have bought five oxen, and must examine them,
This one bought a field and went off to his farm,
I have married a wife, my most prized & precious gem,
Then there were those, who did my servants harm.

See, I have prepared the wedding feast
No expense will be spared,
Oh won’t you, Come to the wedding feast,
This Great banquet to be shared.

The wedding feast is ready,
And those that rejected me,
They are not counted worthy,
So this I now decree.

Go out to the street corners and invite everyone you see
Both bad and good alike, all are precious unto me,
Bring in the poor, the crippled, bring in the lame and blind.
For I desire that all will come and none get left behind.

A servant said, “My King, what you have commanded has been done and still there is more room. And the King replies, “Dear servant, Go out to the highways, go out to the hedges and compel my people to come in. I will that my people fill my house, regardless where they’ve been.

For none of those whom I invited first, will get the smallest taste of this great feast,
For their excuses showed that they are unworthy, now I have welcomed the very least.

So the wedding hall was filled with guests, but when the King came in to look,
He saw there a man with no wedding garments, a great insult to be took.

And He said to the man, “Friend…”
Giving him a chance to explain why he was not appropriately dressed.
How did you get in without your wedding clothes, and not adorned like all the rest?

The man just stood there speechless, for it was clear as day,
That he was not prepared, from His instructions he did stray.
“Bind him hand and foot, and cast him into the outer dark”
Said The King to the attendants for my voice He did not hark.
In the utter darkness, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
In the place of torment, anguish and affliction, agony without relief.

So I plead with you dear friend,
Come to the wedding feast,
And Gods goodness do not offend.
Wont you come to the wedding feast,
The Great Banquet without end.

– Matthew Robb
(Inspired by Matthew 22:1-14 and Luke 14:15-25)


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