Matthew Robb · Poetry · Poetry By Me

Jesus Holds You Tight

When the loneliness surrounds,

As in the eye of the storm,

I will remember your steadfast love,

To you I will hold on.

When slippy comes my grip,

Hold me fast, don’t let me trip.

When tired and weary I become,

Carry me Lord, and bring me home,

When I run from you, be faithful, stay true,

Call out to me, come after, love me like you do.

When I blunder in my blindness,

Open my dull eyes to your kindness.

When I knowingly disobey, or like Judas, I betray,

Grant me repentance to turn and walk in Your way.

When in my bed I lie, May I remember the day I die,

Or the day Christ comes to split the sky.

May it be a most sobering thought,

That I may give my all as I ought.

When I lack in zeal and joy,

Please cause your grace to employ;

Strength to this weary heart.

Dear brother and sister,

After holding on with all your might,

Finally opening up your eyes,

Looking upwards you realise,

It’s Jesus Christ who holds you tight!


– Matthew Robb



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