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The Rich Man and Lazarus

There was a certain rich man, clothed in purple and fine linen,
He fared sumptuously every day with his luxurious living;
Expensively dressed in the latest fashion,
Wasting his days in conspicuous consumption.

And then there was another man by the name of Lazarus,
Head-to-toe covered with sores, this man was not glamorous,
This man was a certain beggar, whose Hebrew name meant ‘God help me’.
To be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table, was his simple plea.


The only comfort he received from the rich man,
Were the dogs that came to lick his sores.
Of all the abundance of the rich man,
Lazarus lay at his gates, never invited through the doors.

And it came to pass, that the beggar died.
To Abraham’s bosom by angels he was carried.
Then the Rich man also died,
And in the ground he was buried.

In hell, racked with pain and torment,
He lifts up his head with teary eyes.
Seeing Abraham afar off with Lazarus in his bosom,
Both have come to their demise.

He cries, He weeps and laments,
For the once rich man is now in need.
What an unfortunate turn of events,
In utter desperation, he begins to plead;

“Father Abraham, Have mercy upon me,
Please send the beggar Lazarus, and listen to my plea.
May he dip the tip of his finger in water just to cool my tongue.
For I am tormented in this flame e’ersince those deathbells rung.”
To which Abraham replied,
“Son, Remember in thy lifetime you received good things,
and likewise, poor Lazarus in his life received bad things.
You indulged in your flesh,
You indulged in your greed,
Poor Lazarus you didn’t bless,
His mouth, you didn’t feed.
He was clothed in rags, yet you in latest fashion.
Where is the love? What lack of compassion!
You passed by this beggar everytime you went out.
Your ignorance of God has brought this about.
Because of your indifference to the poor,
From which you could have repented
He is now comforted, and you are tormented”

“And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf and chasm fixed.
That those wanting to go from here to you, or from you to here would not be mixed.

Then he said, “I beg of you therefore , Father,
Wouldst thou send him to my family,
To my brothers, there is numbered five,
So as to warn them of the agony;
This place of torment whilst they’re still alive.

Abraham answered,
“They have Moses and the Prophets; let your brothers listen to them.”
To which the man pleaded, “No, Father Abraham,
For I fear that they shall still walk the broad way that leads God to condemn.
But if one goes to my brother, risen from the dead, I’m sure they will repent.

Abraham replied,
“If they hear not Moses, nor listen to any Prophet,”
[Now listen carefully, make your conscience whet.]
hey will not be convinced though one rises from the dead.
Not one of them from their wicked ways, would have fled.”

Life beyond will be far better or far worse,
Only one life to live, no chance to rehearse,
God humbles the proud, and exalts the humble,
So care for others, don’t cause them to stumble.
Choose a life of love, have compassion on the lost.
Give generously to the poor and needy, no matter the cost.
For your destiny is fixed at death,
So give God your life; each beat and each breath.

– Matthew Robb

Inspired by Luke 16:19-31



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