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The Dying Thief


This story is of most importance.
I hope to bring you in accordance,
with this magnificent reality,
about the doors of eternity,
this wondrous story that I am to share,
may it relieve you of the burdens you bear.

On the Hill of Golgotha, there stood three cross-shaped trees,
Nailed to the wood; was Jesus between two thieves.

The criminal to his left scoffed and said,
“Save yourself  and us from the dead!
You’re the Messiah, aren’t you?
Prove it, that we may perceive it to be true.”

The criminal on Jesus’ right rebuked him,
Do you not fear God?
Justice you will fraud!
Since you are under the same sentence of condemnation.
And we indeed justly, are receiving divine retribution.
We are receiving the due reward for our deeds;
but this man Jesus, this rose among weeds,
He has done nothing wrong?
Yet pain he’s received all the daylong.”

Then turning to Jesus he said,
[As life’s last moments fled,]
“Remember me when you come into your kingdom.”
As the light of the man’s life was growing strangely dim.

Seeing the faith and repentance of this man; Jesus replied,
“Truly, I assure you, today in paradise you will be by my side.”

This man is not in the position to be baptised in water or spirit,
Nor could he express his gratitude or through faithful service earn it.
He never heard the full gospel,
But of this remain thoughtful;
He had a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus,
which would be unaffected by death.
And this is the promise he guarantees us,
To anyone who still has life and breath.
Jesus declares with triumphant and victorious shout
“If any man will come, I will in no ways cast out.”

 – Matthew Robb

(Inspired by Luke 23:39-43)



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