Leonard Ravenhill · Writings

Spiritual Awakening

God has promised that he will yet shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and dry land. I pray that before he shakes them all in judgement, he will mercifully shake the church with revival. A new crop of prophets will arise and shake the nations, gathering the last crop of souls in redemption before the heavens drop the fiery indignation of a holy God on this sin-soaked society. It may be that we shall have to join in a deeper sense with those pain-gripped prophets of old before the heavens are rent and the needed rain of blessings come.

The rusty machinery of denominationalism is too stiff to operate these days. In other words, the old wineskins will not contain the new wine of the kingdom of God when revival comes. I pray during the night seasons more now than ever in my life. I’m glad to do it because I know time is running out on us. I don’t want to see my generation die without seeing a Holy Ghost revival that keeps the lights on in the church week after week, day and night, where the whole meeting is pulsating with eternity. Our need is floods, floods and more floods of power for this evil hour. 
 – Leonard Ravenhill


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