Matthew Robb · Writings

The Wasted or Wisely Spent Years

It’s a Sunday like any other. I awake in my bed; at a time later than I would delight in getting up at. My shoulders ache, my throat is dry; feeling groggy. I pull my legs to the side of the bed to sit up and am reminded of my grandad as I stare down at my legs. I think “One day I may just be like him as he is right now – if I live to experience it – weakness.”No strength to glory in of my own. How shall I fare on that day as I look back over the years? Shall I rejoice, be joyful and have a heart of celebration and jubilee. Or will my heart weigh heavy upon my soul over the years wasted?

Lord Jesus, Forgive us for the years we’ve wasted. Give us the wisdom to make the best use of our time for it is fast fleeting and the days are evil. Open our eyes to see your beauty in the minutia of life. Help us by the Holy Spirit to live by simple faith, practicing your presence in all things. Be glorified in our weakness, that though we are weak you are strong. Help us to live fruitful lives that our years may be wisely spent as we walk with you, Mighty Saviour and Faithful Friend!



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