A Taste of Chilean Cuisine

I know you’ve all been dying to hear about the traditional Chilean food (well I know I’ve been excited for trying it anyway) and this evening after a shopping trip with Jaime to get a few supplies he suggested we try some REAL Chilean food. 
And it was not to disappoint! Empanadas are a delicious pastie type food with meat and egg etc inside. This did not disappoint! 👌🏽

There was bread, pickled Chilli and a delicious cut of pork which was cooked with garlic! ¡Muy Delicioso!

Lo siento – I’m sorry! 

I wish I had taken some photos! 

I’ll try and update with photos another time. 

So l ast night was fantastic to be able to share food and stories with Jaime over some Chilean bread 🍞and wine. 🍷 But as the night was growing to a close and I went to my bedroom; tired after a long day I fell immediately asleep after finishing a chapter of Keith Greens biography book ‘No compromise’ written by his wife Melody Green (which is an very incredible and challenging book). I awoke at 4 in the morning feeling the call to prayer from the Lord but I didn’t immediately get up and obey the call and instead obeyed the voice of my sluggish self “Go on just have a few more minutes rest and then you can get up” and alas within a few minutes I was back asleep and had missed out on the blessing. 

So I awoke later around 7 feeling less rested than when I felt when I awoke at 4. 

No wonder as it is God is the one that gives true rest: “Come to me all you who are burdened and heavy-laden and I will you give you rest.” 

As I turned to do my morning devotion from Charles Spurgeon I noticed that I completely forgot to do last nights evening devotion before bed. And I felt grieved – I missed out the opportunity to be blessed in prayer, communion and fellowship with the Lord and in a his Word this morning! There was not one thing I could do about it either – the moment had passed! Gone! 

Do you know what I mean? Have you experienced that terrible feeling down in the pit of your stomach when you miss out on something great? 

I know for sure we’ll shed some tears when it comes to that Final day when we not only see all the wrong we’ve done but more so when see all those times that we missed to opportunity to know Abba Father more, to commune with him and be blessed and be a blessing to others! All the times that he’s called us and drawn us and we went our own way. When we see who we could have been and who could have been blessed if only Jesus had his way in our lives!

Oh how important it is to be watchful in prayer! 🙏🏽

And now even more importantly, I need to remind myself once again of Jesus’ exhortation to “Come to me all you who are burdened and heavy-laden and I will you give you rest.” Even after missing this mornings blessing he still beckons and calls me to “Come!” “Come Matthew, my brother. Come to me. Let not yourself be burdened with guilt. Come to Me for the strength to go on. For it is only By my grace that you can truly live. And this is eternal life; that you may know Abba Father, the one true God and me, his belovéd son Jesus Christ.”
Yes, Let us be watchful in prayer but more importantly, let us go to Jesus!


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