Matthew Robb · Poetry · Poetry By Me

Come Back to the Water


Come River of Living Water
Flow throughout my soul,
Refresh this dry and barren land,
Restore it to the whole.

Only by His streams of Living Water,
Can His creation be restored
So plant your roots near the water;
Trust and Obey with one accord.

May the roots of your devotion
grow down deep and wide,
As in the blessed presence
Of your Saviour you abide.

May steadfast love and faithfulness
Keep you planted firm within the soil.
That even through life’s trials and storms,
From His arms, you will not recoil.

Come rain of persecution, wrongfully accused.
Come hail of torment, mistreated and abused.
Despite bruised ego and pride taking a beating,
Far be it, Lord! You shall not see me retreating!
These torrential downpours will not dampen my spirit.
But makes the proclamation the louder, Come and Hear it!

Come Back to the Water;
The River of Eternal Life,
Lay down your burdens,
Your worries, and your strife!

Come back to the Water;
Drink of its’ refreshing streams,
Water pure and clear as crystal,
Cleansing souls from heathen dreams.

Like the swift, coursing river;
fast, beautiful and free,
May my soul in times of ease and trouble,
Run only, ever to thee!

–  Matthew Robb

Inspired by an adorable little girl singing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from ‘Moana’ and the beautiful sights and sounds along the banks of the River Inn, on a rainy night in July.



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